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Create a Healthcare Business with Purpose, Enjoyment, and Profit

I've been where you are—debating on starting a business, feeling unappreciated at work, and wanting a better work-life balance. I  spent hours researching, missed moments with family, and wasted money before I figured out a prescription for success. My business became profitable in the second month.


I created and followed my efficient step-by-step process that steadily led to growth.

Let me help you with the shortcuts and strategies to start a successful healthcare business. If you don't know where to start, feel lost, or need more support, this is for you. You're on your way to taking back your life. I'm here to help.

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Trying to start a healthcare business is overwhelming

Especially without the right plan…
  • Feel like you don't have time to balance a healthcare business and your life? 

  • Worried you won't make enough money or have enough patients? 

  • Does resarching business strategies and technical skills give you a headache?
  • Feel unappreciated at work despite being the go-to person? 
I’ve been there! I had the same concerns and I'm here to help. It’s my mission to help you create healthcare businesses filled with purpose, enjoyment, and profit. I’ve helped myself and many more achieve this for their own business. Now it's your turn.
Healthcare Business Owner's Mindset Guide
A Step-By-Step Workbook & Video

Healthcare Business Owner's Mindset Guide

Watch my video and download my guide that outlines the essential steps and strategies to transition from a healthcare professional to a successful health business owner.

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Hi there!

I’m Erica Hand.

I help people create healthcare businesses filled with purpose, enjoyment, and profit. I’m a firm believer that true wellness comes from healing the mind, body, and soul.

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Hear from some of my clients: 

"Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient! I learned so much from Erica. Not only did she provide new ideas, I was able to use the information she provided to enhance my current processes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!”


"Starting a practice can be overwhelming knowing where to start. It really helps to have a mentor provide you with information to feel secure and have an action plan in place. I’m grateful to have Erica to consult with regarding starting my practice. She was able to help me figure out how to start my practice. I consulted with her on payroll for my staff & how to continue to grow my practice."

Transform Your Being

"Erica has been a great resource while building my practice. She has been able to help me navigate through the multiple challenging terrains of this process."

Your Prestige Health

"Erica is very knowledgeable, patient and extremely helpful. She provided step by step instructions on how to begin my business in the most cost effective way. My business is doing great and it’s growing quickly.”

The Center Of Opportunity
On-Demand Masterclass

6 Steps To Help You Build a Thriving Six-Figure Health Business from the Ground Up

Join Erica in this masterclass to discover how to build, launch, and scale your own thriving health business.

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